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The Alme Suite of enterprise-grade, conversational AI technologies gets you as close to the science of AI as possible without a computer science degree. They are the foundation of what it takes to get the most out of conversational AI today, and in the future.

Alme Conversation Intelligence and Conversation Experience are the cornerstones of every successful AI program, and they have been decoupled from our full-stack solution to work inclusively for you. Our AI experts work directly with your team to determine exactly how to add these technologies to enhance your own offerings, improve your bottom line, and transform your customer experience.

Cue AI

Cue AI analyzes conversations on existing human-human and human-machine channels then shows you where your bot or intelligent assistant can quickly increase ROI.

Beta Cue AI
Cue Dark

Prompt AI

Prompt AI discovers and creates business intent by categorizing large amounts of natural language ideas together to prioritize, test and deploy language understanding.

Beta Prompt AI
Prompt Dark

Trace AI

Trace AI evaluates human-machine and machine-machine interactions to identify where conversational interfaces can be enhanced. Quickly optimize for changing market trends and consumer preferences by deploying precision intelligence instantly.

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Trace Dark

Conversation Designer

Visually design how conversations should look, feel and be experienced. Conversation Designer enables you to bring interactions to life exactly the way you imagined them. It gives you full control over your user experience so you know exactly what your customers are seeing.

Beta Conversation Designer

Alme Lab

A visual integrated development environment (IDE) for modeling the precise language your intelligent assistant needs to understand, including clarifications and multi-step mixed-initiative dialogue. It also includes the ability to incorporate context and mine data to personalize understanding and experiences. It works seamlessly with the Alme Context IQ NLU.


Author AI, Natural Language Generation:

Understanding user intent is only half of the conversation, controlling how your bot responds and takes action based on context, persona and needs of each user is the other half. If our NLU engines are the ears, then this is the voice. Author AI is a content management system built exclusively for enterprise digital conversations, enabling business users to manage interactions and responses across endpoints and multiple conditions for business intents in real-time.

Beta Author AI
Customer Engagement

Natural Language Understanding Engines designed for the Enterprise

Next IT's two proprietary NLU engines support a wide range of business needs. Our flagship Context IQ Engine, deployed for all enterprise customers, leverages numerous techniques guaranteeing precision, accuracy, and outcomes. It supports full conversational attributes including multiple languages, two-way and mixed-initiative dialogue, goals, full regression testing, and the ability to eliminate risk and apply human influence for scoring. Next IT's Prompt Predict Engine leverages self-learning and does not require full personalization and contextual integration. Next IT enables upgrading from Prompt Predict to the Context IQ Engine when your business is ready to support more complex interactions.

Beta NLU
Workforce Support

AI Experts

Our experts specialize in partnering with clients that know AI can help, but are unsure how to proceed. Our team is exceptionally talented at assessing your business needs and working with you to determine the best way forward.

This style of inclusive consulting, support, training, and integration services helps you understand AI technologies and where to apply them.

Our experts are ready to:

  • Evaluate existing intelligent assistant conversations for gaps
  • Analyze service channel conversations to identify optimal areas for IA deployment
  • Review current AI investments and legacy systems to advise on applying conversational AI
  • Training on Alme technologies to drive success from roadmap to implementation
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Alme Enterprise Solution

You read about all of the different ingredients that go into the conversational AI recipe. But this is a 5-course, fully-prepared option that we will deliver to your table. This is our full stack, end-to-end solution that can be applied uniquely to your business - hosted or on-premises. Human Emulation SoftwareTM that applies a conversational interface across any channel to enable businesses to deliver the highest quality resources in the most scalable manner.